I want to get started with some indie game dev again. But I know that I’ll get stuck in either the code architecture or the graphical art assets.

The code architecture problems can be solved by having a plan of attack; having a game design document, and to know how to structure the code beforehand.

Graphical art assets (2D pixel art mostly) on the other hand… It’s so painfully boring to draw everything. But I know that without art assets, the game will look boring.

I re-wrote and expanded on my previous animation code. I’m quite happy with it. I just need to figure out an easy way to smoothly change between different animations.

Writing a game design document is hard.


I’m almost there. I just need to write the editor, and then I can create the actual game.

Yet every single part of my programming soul wants to rip out the code and rewrite everything. Nothing really fits together, nothing is documented, very little is commented and I feel like I have to use every trick and hack in the book to get the editor become compatible with the “engine”. And on top of that, I’ve even forgotten what kind of game I wanted to create in the first place.

I’ll have to sleep on this, but I think I’ll have to go far back to the drawing board. Think about what I really want to create, set up a real and proper design document, and follow a better software design process than “Code and fix”. 

Branching dialog

That’s enough animation for now.

Time to move on to something else.

Test of making a player sprite into a hierarchy of smaller sprites.

Testing a hierarchy system for drawing connected sprites.

The big green square is the root parent.

((There is no physics, just a fixed rotation))

Multiple enemies

Enemy and Pathfinding using A*